(c) Telefunken
(c) 98 eastwest records a warner music group company
1971 und 1972
(c) 2011 [Sireena ] Vinyl-LP - may 2011
produced by legendary Conny Plank
(Kraftwerk, Scorpions, Ultravox, Eurythmics etc.).

Product Facts - New-Release 1998

Progressiv Folk-Rock with
Classic and Psychedelic

CD ”BaRock" Titles

1. Souls Married To The Wind (Siems-Quintus-Olivier)
Bonus Track - Single 1972
2. Stories (Siems-Quintus-Olivier)
3. Black Train (Siems-Quintus-Olivier-Plank)
4. Mrs. Virgin (Siems-Quintus-Olivier)
5. Frank Supper (Quintus-MeMiller)
6. Scarlett Horses (Siems-Quintus-Olivier-Plank)
7. It´s A Pity (Siems-Quintus-Olivier)
8. Thought (Siems-Quintus-Olivier)
9. Paradise (Siems-Quintus-Olivier)
10. Party Bird (Siems-Quintus-Olivier) Bonus Track
(Rough Demo, Decca Studios London 1970)
11. Veronique (Siems-Quintus-Olivier-MeMiller)
Bonus Track (Rough Demo, Lilienthal 1970)

Lothar Siems (Guitar & Vocals) -
Walter Quintus (Violin, Piano & Organ)
Thomas Olivier (Drums & Vocals)
Walter von Seydlitz (Cello)
Matthias Müller-Menckens (Flute, Piano & Organ)
Harald Konietzko (Bass & Vocals)

Produced and engineered by Conny Plank
Assistance & Percussion: Hans Lampe
Recorded at Star Music Studio Ralf Arnie
Hamburg August 1972
Track 10 & 11 unreleased song produced by Parzival
Digitally re-mastered by Walter Quintus 1998

Compilation produced by
Michels Music Consulting, Hamburg
Original-Cover: Teldec,
Original-Cover-Photo: Thomas Koch
CD-Design & Booklet 1998: Lothar Siems
Special thanks to Wolfgang Michels